Monday, February 4, 2013

Want to join with me??

I am starting new program TODAY!!! ANYONE WANT TO JOIN??

Here is the info below and the blog site. Go check it out and do it with me!

Are you struggling to stick with your New Year resolutions? I'd love to help you get back on track! The next round of the Feel Great in 8 Challenge begins on Monday, February 4th! 

What is Feel Great in 8?

Feel Great in 8 is an eight week heathy lifestyle competition. It includes aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health. For eight weeks challenge participants gain and/or lose points based on healthy or unhealthy choices. Weekly points are reported to Tiffany (me! the challenge creator/host). Each participant contributes 
$18. $10 to the prize money "pot" and $8 to pay me for my time as host. At the end of the eight weeks, the competitors with the most points will get a share of the prize money! There is also a small prize for the participant with the greatest weight loss percentage.

I have been hosting these challenges for almost 4 years now. In the past, winners have gotten as much as $250, and the greatest 8 week weight loss so far is 36 pounds!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

2 WEEKS & 5 DAYS down.....

AND only 3 weeks and 2 days until my birthday! Which is my 1st goal date!!

So.ready for this..

11.1 pounds GONE FOREVER!!!

In the last week and 5 days I have lost 2.2 pounds.not good enough for me because I know that I can do better and I cheated BUT it’s still a loss and I just need to stay FOCUSED!

I actually feel good about myself and I have a lot more energy and I love it! I am down 2 almost 3 pant sizes YES!!!! From a 16 to a 12 and almost in a 10 YAHOOOOEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to be in an 8! J

Until next time.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Good morning!

A full week and 8.9lbs gone, gone, gone! Exciting!

So I said that I have a goal in my last post of 150 lbs if I can lose 8 pounds a week you know I could weigh my goal weight in less than 6 weeks but is that even possible? Really, 8.9 pounds this week WOW! My goal is to lose at least 5 lbs a week and by my birthday, which is February 21, 2011 is to weigh 160 lbs. that is 5 weeks. The virtual model below on the right is was I could possibly look like at 160 lbs. The one on the left is what I possibly looked like at 195 lbs.

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195 lbs 160 lbs

So the question is how? How am I losing the weight? I am on a diet called the Ideal Protein Diet (look it up) (there is also a diet called the New Lifestyle Diet which is almost the exact same thing and is much cheaper) which is basically all your food for you except your veggies and your dinner protein (lean meat). A breakdown of my week is below. I keep a food diary and drink at least 60 oz of water a day and take vitamins! REMEMBER you pee out fat so drink drink drink.

I have not started working out yet because you’re not supposed to for the first 2-3 weeks. So I will slowly add in approximately 30 minutes a day beginning next Monday, Jan. 23rd.

Monday, Jan. 9

IP Cappuccino Shake

Coffee, 4 cups

Cream, half and half, fat free ½ oz

IP Mushroom Soup

Cauliflower, 2 cups

Chicken breast, broiled, 7 oz

Broccoli, steamed 1 cup

IP Vanilla Pudding

TOTAL 916 calories

Tuesday, Jan. 10

NL Mocha Shake

Coffee, 4 cups

Cream, half and half, fat free, 1 oz

NL Strawberry Shake

Venison steak, pan fried, no oil, 7 oz

Brussel Sprouts, boiled, 12 oz

IP Dark Chocolate Pudding

TOTAL 842 calories

Wednesday, Jan. 11th

Coffee, 4 cups

Cream, half and half, fat free

IP Cappuccino Shake

IP Mushroom Soup

Cauliflower, 2 cups

Top Sirloin Steak, broiled, 6oz

Mixed Salad with Italian Dressing

Broccoli, steamed, 1 cup

TOTAL 809 calories

Thursday, Jan. 12th

Coffee, 4 cups

NL Vanilla Cream Shake

IP Spaghetti

Spinach, canned 1.5 cup

Chicken, 1 ½ cup (stirfry)

Green peppers and onions, 1 cup

TOTAL 781 calories

Friday, Jan. 13th

Coffee, 4 cups

NL Mocha Shake

Crab, cooked, flaked, 1 cup


Smoked Almonds, 2 oz

NL Hot Chocolate

TOTAL 690 calories

Saturday, Jan. 14th

Coffee, 4 cups

NL Vanilla Cream Shake

IP Cinnamon Protein Bar


Prime Rib, 5 oz

Mixed Salad with Ranch dressing

TOTAL 846 calories

Sunday, Jan. 15th

Coffee, 2 cups

IP Vanilla Shake

Hamburger patty

Popcorn, 1 cup

Venison, ground with taco seasoning, 5 oz

Refried beans, ¼ cup

Mixed Salad

Salsa, 4 tbsp

Cheese, shredded, 1 oz

TOTAL over 1100 calories

I did a lot of things WRONG last week that I do not want to do this week. Monday I did PERFECT, Tuesday I did alright I didn’t have my 2 cups of veggies at lunch time, Wednesday I didn’t have my snack, Thursday I didn’t have my snack, Friday I didn’t eat lunch and had almonds, Saturday I didn’t eat my snack and had ranch dressing and Sunday I did HORRIBLE! I totally cheated. I had popcorn, hamburger patty, beans and cheese on my taco….not good; but, ok because it’s ok to have a cheat day as long as you get your ASS in gear for the next week! J

So on to this week!



Happy New Year…..a little lat

Hmm….do I even remember how to blog?!

It’s been a long time (a year to be exact) and I need to get back in the saddle and start this up again for my weight loss and for my family blog.

I started this whole journey June 21, 2010 at a whopping 203.9 lbs….holy fat ass! (excuse the language) Now when I started back up for the ten millionth time Monday, Jan 9th I weighed in at 194.8 lbs. In 2 years I have only lost 9.1 lbs. wow! I know I can do better than that! Let’s do this!


Yes this is me at 203.9 lbs….I don’t ever want to see myself at that weight EVER AGAIN!

I have a goal and that goal is to weigh 150 lbs. I wish losing weight came easy for me but it doesn’t I LOVE FOOD! J But I have a very strong support system and with the encouragement from them I can do this.

Until Next time!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fell off of it again!

Monday, is in sight and I am ready to begin again....the last couple weeks have been very hard for me because I would lose/gain and lose/gain...I had no hope! So I thought about it over the weekend and I am going to start STRONG Monday and stay strong!

I know that I am not going to reach my goal by my birthday, which is Feb. 21st, because that is only 22 days away and I wanted to weight 160! I've only lost 10 lbs! Which is not something that I am sad about at all because it is 10lbs of unwanted FAT!!! :)

So my new goal is to lose 20lbs in 22 days! I know I can do it and I hope that you all will encourage me to do it as well!

til next time!


Monday, January 17, 2011


As I sit here and write this it has been one full week since I started the HCG diet. When I started the cleanse (Phase I) part of the diet on Dec. 26th I weighed a whopping 208.6 as of this morning I weighed in at 197.8 lbs.

I didn't think that I was going to make it the first day....but, I pulled through with the hunger pangs and now know how to deal with them. It's hard to only eat 500 calories a day; but, it is so worth it to know how much weight I am losing and that it is going to stay off forever if I follow the protocol.

There are so many recipes out there it is amazing! You would be totally amazed at what you can make with so little food.

So this is my journal and I will update it at least once a week on Sunday nights if not more. I am really really excited and can't wait to find my old body again! My first goal is 160 by my birthday which is only about a month away (35 days to be exact!) So in 7 days and 2 of those days being my binge days I lost 10.8 lbs. I lost an average of 1.5 lbs per day. Yahooeeee! So if and that's a big fat IF I lose approx 1.5 lbs per day until my birthday I can lose 52.5 more pounds! I am so so excited I can hardly stand it.

So many of you are wondering what exactly is this diet and how can it be good for you! Well I was in the same boat until I saw friends doing it and keeping the weight off and looking absolutely amazing. For more information visit: and read "Pounds & Inches".

Until next time!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The beginning of the end! Getting ready for a new me!

Once again I am here to let the world know that I am going to try this again! Today I weighed in at a whopping 208.6 lbs! Goal weight 150! So I have 58.6 to lose!

I am trying the HCG diet and I started the cleans which is Phase I! I am excited to endure this process here is to the beginning of my 21 day journey on Phase I and 1000 calories a day!