Monday, February 4, 2013

Want to join with me??

I am starting new program TODAY!!! ANYONE WANT TO JOIN??

Here is the info below and the blog site. Go check it out and do it with me!

Are you struggling to stick with your New Year resolutions? I'd love to help you get back on track! The next round of the Feel Great in 8 Challenge begins on Monday, February 4th! 

What is Feel Great in 8?

Feel Great in 8 is an eight week heathy lifestyle competition. It includes aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health. For eight weeks challenge participants gain and/or lose points based on healthy or unhealthy choices. Weekly points are reported to Tiffany (me! the challenge creator/host). Each participant contributes 
$18. $10 to the prize money "pot" and $8 to pay me for my time as host. At the end of the eight weeks, the competitors with the most points will get a share of the prize money! There is also a small prize for the participant with the greatest weight loss percentage.

I have been hosting these challenges for almost 4 years now. In the past, winners have gotten as much as $250, and the greatest 8 week weight loss so far is 36 pounds!

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