Sunday, December 26, 2010

The beginning of the end! Getting ready for a new me!

Once again I am here to let the world know that I am going to try this again! Today I weighed in at a whopping 208.6 lbs! Goal weight 150! So I have 58.6 to lose!

I am trying the HCG diet and I started the cleans which is Phase I! I am excited to endure this process here is to the beginning of my 21 day journey on Phase I and 1000 calories a day!

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  1. you can do it. :) so weird that you wrote today...I got disgusted with myself today too, and did 25 minutes of exercise after putting my 3 year old to bed. I'm going to eat carrots, apples, salad, small amounts of cheese and granola tomorrow!! And drink my water!! what is the HCG diet? I'll have to google it! Good luck!