Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fell off of it again!

Monday, is in sight and I am ready to begin again....the last couple weeks have been very hard for me because I would lose/gain and lose/gain...I had no hope! So I thought about it over the weekend and I am going to start STRONG Monday and stay strong!

I know that I am not going to reach my goal by my birthday, which is Feb. 21st, because that is only 22 days away and I wanted to weight 160! I've only lost 10 lbs! Which is not something that I am sad about at all because it is 10lbs of unwanted FAT!!! :)

So my new goal is to lose 20lbs in 22 days! I know I can do it and I hope that you all will encourage me to do it as well!

til next time!


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