Monday, June 28, 2010

How did I lose 5.4 lbs! The week in review!

If you have been reading my blog I began this journey on Monday, June 21st. My starting weight was 203.9 lbs. I began with changing my eating habits to consuming between 1000-1200 calories a day and added 30 minutes of exercise (cardio) a day. I have stayed on track all week. I did splurge on Saturday a little and had a Sno Cone at the Klamath Kruise boy oh boy was it YUMMY! So for all of you that are having trouble staying on the wagon just remember that you can reward yourself at the END of the week with something small if you have stayed on track all week. That is what I am going to do every week if I stay on the wagon for a full week.

I walked, played with kids and did zumba all week. Yes I am sorry as heck from everything I did this week but I will work through it because the HURT feels so GOOD!! J I say that sarcastically!

So I do have to tell a little story about our day yesterdaywe woke up at around 7 with a little munchakin coming to our bed..HAYLEYto wake us up and get ready for the day WE did not want to wake up at 7 am on a Sunday finally I drug my butt out of bed into the shower.

We had a long list of to dos to do:

  1. Rearrange my bedroom (Dan said we have to paint then) OK!!
  2. Get the bikes ready for our bike ride tonight (and every night hereafter)
  3. Clean my house (wow did it need it)
  4. Water the garden and plant the rest of my veggies (fresh veggies, I so can't wait)
  5. Fill the pool
  6. Flood the yard (the irrigation ditch will be shut off for the week Tuesday)

So what did I/we finish on this to do list.

We painted our room, clean everything including the windows, we got the bikes ready for the night time ride, clean my house but didn't get the vacuum going and didn't finish my much needed pile of laundry (doing it as I type), Dan, watered the garden (I didn't get the rest of my veggies planted, will do it tonight), Dan filled one of the kiddie pools (the bigger one for the big kids still needs to be filled), and the yard was flooded.good day all in all.

Then we went on our "Family" bike ride and stopped at the park on our way back home so that the girls could enjoy themselves. I thought I was pretty tough and went down the slide..needless to say I "killed" myself doing this. FAT people should not go down twisty slides especially with work out pants on (they're slick). I started to go down this darn slide and was haulin' ass. My hubby was laughing so hard and thought I was going to get EJECTED from the slideLMAO!!!! I have a huge burn on my arm under my armpit that hurts like hell from being almost EJECTED from the FLIPPIN' slide! I WILL NEVER LET THE SLIDE WIN AGAIN!!! I will never where "work out pants" on a slide again.they're slick.and make you go super super FAST!!

PEACE OUT people and have a FAB week!


Beth Sanborn <3

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