Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 pounds….

Ahhhh.10 lbs off this body FOREVERY.oh it feels so good! I am sitting here at the kitchen table typing this listening to the older girls outside play in the pool and Hayley screaming in the bedroom not wanting to take a nap. My PANTS are falling off of me!!!

How does that make me feel.AWESOME!!

I have a size 14 pair of capri's on and literally they are falling off of me. WOOHOO!!!


Today is the day that my cousin, Ashly and I, set for the day to weigh in after the Atkins challenge. I have to say I DIDN'T like it at all.I was hungry as hell everyday. I will for sure continue to just do my calorie counting it is much easier and I wasn't as hungry. So Ash I only lost 5ish pounds! How did you do?

Well, it is my 11th day on this new "lifestyle change" and I have lost 10 lbs, really?! The scale really went from 203.9 to 193.6. Almost at my weight when I was preggo with Hayley. Oh, I smell success!

I have been doing something strenuous (cardio) since the day I started and I think that is why I am losing so fast and that I have so much to lose! The last two days I have not went on a bike ride which my oldest daughter, keeps telling me MOM, let's go for a bike ride. SO I promise I will go tonight! I will go tonight!! NO MATTER WHAT! J
We have just been so busy doing things around the house before my hubby goes back to work after 2 VERY LONG weeks off work after his appendectomy!

I have 3 more days until my two full weeks and I want to lose a pound a day! Give me a challenge people!



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