Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh My…

OH Myhas it really been 8 days since I have blogged SHAME on me! From my last post I was very down because over the holiday weekend I fell off the "Bandwagon".

Well peeps, I have got to say I've lost 15 pounds since I started this journey on June 21st! (that's 25 days) WAHOOOO!!!! Only 35 more to go to my goal. I am more excited about this than you can ever imagine because when I "fell off the wagon" I was depressed MAJORLY!!! So now I have new regain faith that I CAN do this!

Thank you to everyone that is supporting me it helps tremendously and encourages me to keep going. So now I am off to pick up my disaterous living room from all of the kiddos and to vacuum then maybe, just maybe, I will get the Wii fit out and kick some ASS!!


Happy Friday!


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